About Us

Passionate application development

Synerics Business Solutions specialises in the delivery of enterprise business systems and web applications developed with the latest languages, tools and practices. Our team consists of highly skilled database specialists, programmers and graphic designers. We have developed a strong reputation for delivering valuable, cost effective systems through close customer relationships and our agile development processes.

Custom software delivery is our passion. Traditional projects get bogged down with a rigid set of requirements which are defined early on. Business users and the development team become distanced which often leads to failed outcomes. Our experts approach the problem differently by delivering features in short iterations. With the business using the software sooner, missed requirements and problem areas can be addressed earlier. Requirements can be changed without months of work being discarded.

With our test driven development approach we deliver higher quality, more reliable software quicker. Continuous integration means that our team of experts collaborate in the most efficient way and ensure that all new features are integrated efficiently into the project pipeline. Self testing software highlights bugs and problem areas sooner and brings complete transparency to the development process. It’s all about using the right technology to get things done right the first time.

With the best staff for the job we creatively drive forward our vision to deliver high quality business solutions to our customers. Our network of satisfied customers means the majority of our business comes through referrals.

Software excellence

Ensuring that your IT environment is optimised to complement your business goals is a complex transformation task. This transformation requires a formal process that allows for flexibility around staff skills and business changes.

Our focus lies in designing and delivering excellent software with compelling features that puts your business ahead of your competition and assists you to meet the high expectations of your customers and business stakeholders. Cutting edge technologies and tools are examined continually so that their value can be understood and correctly used to further your business.